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Taking the hassle out of I.T.
Parse It

Parse It is the ideal tool for large scale deployments or conversion of spreadsheet or comma delimited data from one format to another, Parse It is second to none in flexibility in terms of parsing and conversion capabilities, allowing unrivalled manipulation of field data. Parse It allows the user to define and save their own custom conversion rules for use in large projects or migrations eliminating the need for complex Excel macros and countless cut and paste operations!

  • Effortlessly convert from text format to another, adding or omitting fields as necessary.
  • Fully customisable rule creation - build your own rule sets to cater for whichever applications you use, whether it's SQL queries or conversion to and from CSV or another format.
  • Fully customisable field names and delimiters.
  • Add one-off headers and footers to newly created documents

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