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Active Directory Migration

There are any number of reasons why your organisation would need to carry out an Active Directory migration, perhaps your company has bought another company and needs to consolidate the directories. Maybe your company is splitting into a number of component parts and requires directory separation. Whatever the reason, there are a number of tools that are available to facilitate the migration procedure. Code Blast has many years of experience in dealing with these kind of projects utilising various software tools. We are available to advise, plan and carry out your Active Directory migration.

E-Mail Migration

Sometimes the reasons for carrying out an e-Mail migration are very similar to the reasons for carrying out an Active Directory migration, be it a domain consolidation or a domain separation. However there are instances where an e-mail migration is required without either of these scenarios existing. A prime example of this would be if an organisation has decided to move to a different mail provider because it's financially beneficial or sometimes because the new system provides features and functionality that's more suited to the organisation's direction. Common scenarios can be a move from Lotus Notes to Exchange and sometimes vice versa. Whatever the reason and whatever the technologies involved, Code Blast can advise accordingly on the best course of action.

Server & Workstation Migrations

Again, the reasons for initiating a server and workstation migration are resonant with the Active Directory and e-mail migration scenarios. There are various different methods of carrying out this kind of migration, some are relatively straightforward, some aren't. There are a number of software tools available which will execute the full migration from Active Directory and email to the server and workstation migrations. Code Blast is able to advise on these tools and methods as we've been there before.

Datacentre Migrations

Once you've decided that your company has outgrown it's current datacentre, it's time to start thinking about a datacentre move. This is not a decision that's to be taken lightly and if not planned and managed correctly can lead to disaster and potential data loss. Code Blast has years of experience of data centre moves and so can provide assistance every step of the way.

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