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Taking the hassle out of I.T.
Hardware Refresh

If you're beginning to think that the computer hardware on your organisation's estate is beginning to be dated, Code Blast can facilitate the upgrade to new equipment.


Code Blast will take a full system inventory of all server hardware and applications and migrate everything on to your new hardware with minimal disruption. Code Blast have undertaken a number of data centre upgrades so are well placed to advise and implement.

Workstations / Laptops

It's inevitable for every business that at some point, their hardware and software will become obsolete and unsupported. Some businesses work on a strict 3 year desktop refresh rotation, other businesses will sometimes wait up to 5 or 6 years before updating their hardware, operating systems and application software.

If you've decided that it's time that your desktop operating system requires upgrading, Code Blast can evaluate your current estate and hardware. We will advise on whether new hardware is required or if the existing hardware can be upgraded to accommodate your choice of new operating system.

There are a number of very mature deployment technologies available for businesses that are looking to update or renew their existing systems. These products allow the initial fully automated deployment of operating systems and applications as well as keeping the servers and workstations patched in an automated or semi-automated fashion.

Code Blast consultants have been carrying out deployments and migrations for over 16 years and have used a multitude of deployment and automation technologies. As well as planning and implementing the deployments, Code Blast can also carry out the initial due diligence on what systems and software are in the estate. Code Blast have developed custom infrastructure tools that will facilitate the discovery of existing system specifications and software instances. Code Blast can also plan and orchestrate the entire operating system and application migration from the pilot to handover.


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