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Systems Audit / Health Check
Why Do I Need a Health Check?

It's important for organisations to maintain the health of their IT infrastructure. Regular checks of your systems every 3 - 6 months can potentially avert problems in the future by highlighting potential shortfalls in storage or resources. A health check also serves to ensure that your systems are in an optimal condition and are operating efficiently. The health check would also confirm that any resilience that has been configured is operational.

System security is also an important component of a health check. The systems health check would ensure that the correct security and protocols were in place to protect your organisation's data and systems

Another important aspect of the systems health check would be to ensure that all systems are all up to date in terms of firmware and patches. This can mitigate against potential security and functional issues in the future.

Prior to the health check, interviews would be carried out with staff in order to gain an insight into any potential issues or problems that could be resolved as part of the health check.

Code Blast can do a full health check on all your server, workstation and storage estate to give you peace of mind that all your systems are up to date and functioning as they should be.

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