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GetSpec / GetSoftSpec

GetSpec / GetSoftSpec

GetSpec is the ideal tool for deriving hardware information from workstations or servers. It is the perfect tool for deployments and migration projects where you need a quick overall view of the underlying infrastructure. It will give the full hardware specification of both the local machine and remote machines including uptime and install dates. Getspec can even detect Microsoft Exchange Servers and SQL Servers including versions and service pack levels. GetSpec will also tell you which machines are domain controllers, if they are global catalogs and what domain they control.

GetSoftSpec gives an instant picture of what software is installed on any given machine, it is even extremely customisable so that even those hard to find applications show up in the list by reading specific registry keys or looking for specific files. 

When teamed with the T.R.A.C.S. infrastructure console, GetSpec and GetSoftSpec are unbeatable utilities for deriving hardware and software information across the enterprise.

GetSpec will give you the following information: OS Architecture, RAM, RAM slots used, CPU count, CPU speed, PC Type, Make, Model, Product, Serial Number, Operating System Version, Service Pack level and install date, Computer uptime, Last Logged In User, Hard Disk Drive Space and Free Space, CDROMs, Removeable Drives, IP Addresses, MAC Addresses, IP Gateway Addresses, CDKey, Every User Ever Logged On, Local date and time regardless of location, Exchange Server Version and Service Pack Level, SQL Server Version / Instances and Service Pack Levels, Domain Controller Type and Domain Controlled.

GetSoftSpec will tell you the software name, software version, software manufacturer and software uninstall string.

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