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E-Mail & Messaging
For most organisations in the world, e-mail and messaging technology is their lifeblood. It is estimated that there around 2 billion e-mail users worldwide and around 750 million of those are small business users. of those are small business users.

There are a great many software companies that offer e-mail functionality regardless of what computing platform you use. The most commonly used mail platform in the world is Microsoft Exchange. There are a number of different versions that are still used, but the most prevalent are Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010. These services offer a multitude of features and functionality.

Another powerful email system is the Lotus Domino / Notes mail system which can be used for email, collaboration and custom built applications. Novell Groupwise is also still used around the world as well as OpenExchange, Zimbra, SendMail and many more.

Instant Messaging

Another form of messaging that many enterprises have taken hold of is instant messaging. Think Skype, but with more features. The main enterprise messaging technology used today is Microsoft Lync. Microsoft Lync doesn't just provide instant messaging capabilities, it also provides the ability to do voice and video calling and conferencing with no additional overheads. Microsoft Lync has taken over as some organisation's PBX facility. Lync also allows desktop sharing, so you could be having a video conference with half a dozen colleagues around the world and at the same time be showing them a Powerpoint presentation.

What messaging solutions can Code Blast offer my company?

Whether you're new to e-mail and messaging or you want to augment or improve your existing facilities, we can help. Code Blast provides the following e-mail / messaging services:
  • Brand new email setup - Code Blast will install an email server and configure it so that all staff have access to email both in and out the office.

  • Upgrade or migrate your existing e-mail - Code Blast will upgrade your existing e-mail system and migrate all the e-mail over to the new system.
  • Configure an e-mail gateway - if you have recently merged with another organisation, it may be necessary to configure a temporary e-mail gateway in order to allow mail flow between businesses. Code Blast has a wealth of experience in this area.
  • Instant messaging solution - Code Blast will install and configure Microsoft Lync for your organisation.

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