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GetSpec / GetSoftSpec

GetSpec is the ideal tool for deriving hardware information from workstations or servers. It is the perfect tool for deployments and migration projects where you need a quick overall view of the underlying infrastructure. It will give the full hardware specification of both the local machine and remote machines including uptime and install dates. Getspec can even detect Microsoft Exchange Servers and SQL Servers including versions and service pack levels. GetSpec will also tell you which machines are domain controllers, if they are global catalogs and what domain they control.

Download GetSpec

Download GetSoftSpec


Ever started a rebuild on your workstation or server and then realised that you've lost the packaging and CD key for your Microsoft Software? Or maybe you're the IT support person that's been asked to install an additional copy of Visio on the manager's PC and nobody's kept the box....

CDKey is a small tool that will retrieve keys for your Microsoft software on either your local machine or on another networked machine. CDKey will read all CD keys for Microsoft operating systems and applications on whatever machine it's pointed at. Tested on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,  Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R1 & R2. Works on 32 bit or 64 bit operating systems.

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Password File Generator

Password File Generator does exactly as it says on the tin - it generates passwords! This is a command line utility that will generate passwords based on standard password templates, just specify the start length (minimum 1 char), the end length (max 20 chars) and the complexity of the passwords you require and PassFileGen will do the rest! This is useful if you require a password generation program in order to allocate random passwords to users.

PassFileGen is also very useful if you want to fill up a hard disk with pseudo random characters, guaranteed you'll run out of hard disk space before PassFileGen runs out of combinations if on the most complex settings with longish passwords. PassFileGen even has a switch which will tell you the size of the file that will be generated based on the options you've selected!

Password File Generator

Text File Text Tool

Text File Text Tool has the following useful functions:
  • Read a single text file and remove duplicate entries, this is very useful for large text files that have been created from multiple text files, ie. user lists, email addresses, machine names etc.
  • Compares multiple text files and generates files with entries that are common and entries that are different for each text file. This can be used for analysing differences in lists of users, workstations etc.
  • Is able to read a file list in a text file and then search through the text files listed in the original text file until all references have been exhausted.
Download Text File Text Tool


TXTChange is a command line tool that will do a case sensitive / insensitive search for and replace, if required, any instances of a string in a text based file. This is especially useful if there are .ini or .cfg files to change on multiple PCs - just add TXTChange into the login script with the appropriate parameters and the relevant files will be changed on the users' machines. TXTChange also supports UNICODE strings.

TXTChange also has options to search for words immediately before or after the specified string. Another very useful function of TXTChange is the ability to search for specific sequences of bytes in a non-text file and replace these bytes. Variable length changes are not supported in this scenario.

Download TxtChange

Parse It

Parse It is the ideal tool for large scale deployments or conversion of spreadsheet or comma delimited data from one format to another, Parse It is second to none in flexibility in terms of parsing and conversion capabilities, allowing unrivalled manipulation of field data. Parse It allows the user to define and save their own custom conversion rules for use in large projects or migrations eliminating the need for complex Excel macros and countless cut and paste operations!

  • Effortlessly convert from text format to another, adding or omitting fields as necessary.
  • Fully customisable rule creation - build your own rule sets to cater for whichever applications you use, whether it's SQL queries or conversion to and from CSV or another format.
  • Fully customisable field names and delimiters.
  • Add one-off headers and footers to newly created documents

Download Parse It


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