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Taking the hassle out of I.T.
Bespoke Applications

Ever had your mind numbed by inane time intensive, repetitive tasks that you wish you could automate or perhaps you’ve been in the middle of a large project and wished you had a tool that would facilitate the job at hand. Maybe it’s just that you haven’t been able to find the off-the-shelf package that’s got all the functions you require…

Code Blast have over 25 years of software development experience. All the utilities and tools we produce are developed in C, C# or Visual Basic and are fully tested. We can’t give you a brand new version of Office, but we could probably come close… It doesn’t matter what industry it’s for, as long as we have a full specification and feature list, we’ll do the rest…

Web Applications

Code Blast is well versed in web based applications both as standalone static websites and complex dynamic database based applications requiring user authentication.

We are able to create almost any type of web based application for your organisation. Maybe you're looking for a company intranet that's easily updateable or a more complex database based web application that allows many concurrent users each with their own settings.

The main languages that Code Blast use for web development are C# or Visual Basic, but we do understand other languages too such as PHP and Java. All of our web applications are AJAX based ASP.NET applications, so you can be sure of your site being slick and well formed. Some of our projects have delivered complex database orientated SAAS (Software As A Service) type websites.

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