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Active Directory
What is Active Directory?

Active Directory Domain Services form the foundations of any Microsoft based network estate built on Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 or 2012 and provides secure, structured hierarchical data storage for network objects such as users, computers, printers and services. Active Directory can be utilised to tightly control access to resources as well as locking down desktop access and user rights.

A well defined and planned Active Directory (AD) can reduce network administration costs and enables organisations to centralise or de-centralise IT administration nationally or globally.

How can Code Blast help?

There a number of ways that Code Blast can assist with Active Directory:
  • Brand new Active Directory! If you're still using Windows NT(!) or you're using workgroups and you want to implement a domain based solution to exercise more control over your IT infrastructure.

  • Active Directory re-organisation will involve an examination of your current AD OU structure and advice, if necessary, on a better organisational structure in regards delegation and administration.

  • Active Directory health check will ensure that your Active Directory infrastructure is sound.

  • Active Directory lockdown would involve Code Blast creating an implementing user and computer policies based on your organisation's security requirements.

  • Active Directory audit involves auditing all users, groups, computers and Group Policy Objects (GPOs) in your organisation to ensure you have a clean Active Directory with no unused objects. This will also include a health check.

  • Active Directory migration if you're wanting a clean break with a fresh AD or you're wanting to carry out a multi-domain consolidation.
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